A Lifestyle Change … for Life


Who are our #CCPRStars?

In an effort to provide our current and future members with some inspiration as well as information, from time to time we will be featuring the success stories of those who have made a commitment to their personal health and wellness and utilized Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation to reach their fitness goals. Keep checking back here at The Escape Blog to enjoy these stories about our tenacious and relent
less “Stars.”

DSC_0778Tracy Clark’s story offers an insightful look into a workout-novice’s journey. Her “steady wins the race” approach resulted in losing 136 pounds and, more importantly, adopting a healthy lifestyle that she can maintain. How do you go from 294 to 158 pounds?

According to Tracy, it has truly been a “one-day-at-a time” journey rooted in long-term health and well-being grounded in healthier food choices, fewer calories, plenty of exercise and a weekly loss goal of two pounds a week.

Some secrets to her success:

Taking that first step. For Tracy, that was a tour of the Monon Community Center Fitness Center where she could ask lots of questions and become familiar with the facility.

DSC_0783Then many steps. Tracy started with something simple like walking on our indoor track.

Weight, Weight, Do Tell Me! Whenshe decided it was time to add another activity, she participated in a Fitness Center Orientation – an hour-long, one-on-one session with a staff member who can walk through all of the strength training equipment.

Keep Track. Using FitLinxx (free to all members of the Monon Community Center) provides a way to track your progress and receive reports via email.

DSC_0792Merge Into the Fast Lane. Like many fitness novices, the treadmills and elliptical machines seemed scary … and proved a challenge. What we love about Tracy? She moved on to the rowing machines and vows to give these other cardio machines another whirl soon.

Fitness Friends. Tracy started with yoga and progressed to Zumba, Active Strength and even Boot Camp discovering “practice makes perfect.”

Get Personal. Hiring a personal trainer helped get Tracy even more focused on her personal goals and helped hone her technique so she was getting the most out of her workout.

Support at Home. While the Monon Community Center, its people, programs and equipment played an important part in Tracy’s transformation, she is quick to credit her life-partner Janie who not only encouraged Tracy’s fitness journey, but joined her in getting healthy as well. “Perhaps that’s been the best part of the journey – we’ve found something healthy and fun to do together.”
Stay tuned for updates from Tracy on her journey as one of our #CCPRStars!