Photoshoot Permit Application

Photography, Video & Drone Policy

It is strictly prohibited for any person within a park to photograph or capture video for promotion or sale of any commercial product/event, except in accord with a specific permit issued by the Department. Permits are needed if the activity involves a model, set or prop, is in a closed area or if the activity needs to be monitored by the Department. Individuals or families taking pictures and videos in parks as memories or as a hobby using smartphones or high-end cameras recreationally are not affected nor do they need to submit a permit.

It is Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s practice to allow drones to be flown in wide open areas, not adjacent to buildings, shelters, playgrounds or areas where people are gathering. The use of drones in such a manner to adversely impact humans or wildlife is prohibited. Certified drone operators, those flying for commercial, government or non-hobby purposes (including non-profits) must hold a federal permit (see FAA Part 107 rules) and fill out the Department Photoshoot Permit Application below. Hobbyist drone uses, those who fly drones for recreational purposes, personal interests or enjoyment should submit for recreational registration (see FAA online registration), but do not need to submit a Department Photoshoot Permit Application.

A permit is required for any professional photographer or an organization to take and use photographic and/or video images on Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation property. Permit applications should be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the desired date. Requests will not be granted within shorter timeframes. See below to fill out your Photoshoot Permit Application. Permission to conduct filming or photography activities does NOT allow the permittee to restrict park visitors from any location.


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