Adaptive Volunteering


As the holiday season beckons, let us remember the true reason for celebrating: Giving.


To volunteer is to give a little of yourself to someone, asking for nothing in return. To kick-off the holiday season and bring Giving Tuesday to an end, you can help someone or somewhere in your community this month. Through giving, we find new passions and new friendships.

A personal testimony from Adaptive Volunteer Charity Yadon:   

“Volunteering in the adaptive program has been such a fulfilling experience! In every program I have helped with, I’ve always been warmly welcomed by staff and participants. Volunteering has broken so many stereotypes and preconceived ideas about people with disabilities that I had been taught my entire life! I definitely feel now that we are all one in the same, and that has lead me to get further and further involved.

Because of the Adaptive program I learned about The Roundabout Playback Troupe. Playback has shown me what a beautiful community there is for people with disabilities, and lead to many special friendships. Kelly Kaser, an actress in The Playback Troupe, has shown me a great deal of friendship since I’ve joined the Troupe. I am always greeted with an ear to ear smile and a huge hug. Kelly never hesitates to dance around the stage with me, and be my acting partner in crime. Her friendship has meant such a great deal to me, and I know it is one that will be carried beyond the walls of the Monon Community Center.”


Explore the possibility of new friends and infectious smiles by reaching out a hand to the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Adaptive Program. There is nothing more rewarding than extending the bonds of friendship with others. Let others inspire you this holiday season.

Lend a hand. Create a smile. Make a difference.