Adaptive vs. Inclusion: What does it mean for you?


OH-CarmelClay-OOH_9928The word “inclusion” by definition means “an act of taking in as part of a whole.” If you are familiar with Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s culture of inclusion, this definition should make perfect sense.

When I first began my career as the Marketing Assistant for the department 8 months ago, I could not have told you what “inclusion” was or what “adaptive programs” were, but on my first day and each day since, I have been wholly embraced by this inclusive environment. TheOH-CarmelClay-OOH_7981 truth is, we are so proud of all of our members, program participants, staff and volunteers – who come from all ages, levels abilities, races, genders and religions. As a whole, we are a community of individuals who work together, dream together and grow together.

Adaptive programs at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation are programs designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. These programs are created to make sure that everyone can participate in a leisure activity of their choice that will allow for them to perform at their highest level. We offer Adaptive programs for kids, teens and adults. Some great Adaptive opportunities we offer are listed below:

OH-2016-CarmelClay-OOH_4150• Young Athletes: An innovative sports program for children with disabilities developed by the Special Olympics. In this program, children learn basic skills including walking, running, balancing, jumping, catching, throwing and more. Each child receives individualized attention.
Yoga for Teens: This program offers eight weeks of introductory yoga to help teens increase strength, balance,
flexibility and coordination in a relaxing environment. The class focuses on basic yoga poses, general practices and breathing techniques.
Healthy Holiday Cooking: This program is geared toward adults with disabilities and teaches valuable cooking skills, which is essential for independent living.

While Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation offers many programs designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, every program offered in the department is inclusive, meaning modifications can be requested based on an individual’s needs. Whether you or your child are interested in taking an art class or participating in one of our group fitness classes, we ensure you have the resources you need not only to participate in the program, but to be successful in the program.

OH-CarmelClay-OOH_9257Inclusion does not only benefit individuals with OH-CarmelClay-OOH_9142disabilities. It benefits everyone in the community. Each person, no matter their differences, has valuable skills to contribute. Our inclusive programming brings people from all walks of life together to accomplish their similar goals. It truly is a culture that helps every single person rise up and be the best that they can be.

If you’re ready to participate in a program with us, but need modifications, you can pick up a Request for Modification form at the Monon Community Center or by filling it out online right here!

Our philosophy of inclusion is and always will be a vital part of our mission. It is one of many reasons I am so proud to work for this wonderful organization. We hope you will join in our inclusive spirit and take part or volunteer for some of our adaptive programs!