Appreciating Our Volunteers


VolunteerAppreciation3At Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation we treasure our volunteers. They give their time to the community and help make the parks of Carmel and Clay Township some of the best in the world. Each year Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation gives back to its volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation event for all who have volunteered over the course of the year.

Volunteer Appreciation events are a great way for us to showcase some of our volunteer accomplishments for the year and hand to out prestigious Presidential Service Awards to volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call for our organization. Volunteering is often overlooked by the community, and those who don’t see the direct results of the hard work the volunteers put in. They are the invisible work force helping keep the wheels of change moving.

Our main goal for our Volunteer Appreciation event is to make YOU, the volunteers, feel appreciated for all the VolunteerAppreciation2great work you do. You are a part of our “big picture” of the Department, and we are here to help you as much as you are here to help us. We want you to not only be proud of what you have accomplished while volunteer, but also be enthusiastic about volunteering in the future.

Last year, we had over 4,000 volunteer hours served. With your help and dedication I’m hoping to smash that number this coming year. To do that, we need dedicated members of our community empowered and excited to give back to the Carmel Clay area. 4,000 hours on its own is an amazing feat. But adding to it the 7.7 billion hours of volunteer time spent in America alone, we can see how volunteers have the power to change the community.

We celebrated the volunteers year of service this April and feel the love of volunteering in Carmel. Our Volunteer Appreciation Event took place on Thursday, April 16, from 6-8pm at the Monon Community Center Multipurpose Rooms.