Aqua Fitness—Dive In!


Aqua Fitness The Waterpark Carmel Clay Parks Group FItnessContrary to what you may have heard, aqua fitness isn’t just your octogenarian grandma’s workout anymore. While there are milder aqua fitness classes, for example Gentle Aqua and Water Track, there’s also Aqua Bootcamp and Aqua Zumba®, which are filled with heart-pounding cardio routines and fun.

Recently, I spoke with Jenny Owens-Cripe, an aqua fitness instructor at the Monon Community Center (MCC), to get answers to several questions that always seem to crop up in this fitness field.


R: Can you get the same quality workout in an aqua fitness class as in a traditional land fitness class?

J: Absolutely! Water Fitness is just like any other fitness class – you get out what you put into it.


R: It’s oftentimes said that aqua fitness can be easier on the body – is that true?

J: Yes this is definitely true…because of the buoyancy of water there is much less pressure put on the joints. Depending on the depth of the water, a person can eliminate painful pressure on the joints while still building muscle strength and cardio endurance.


R: What if someone is already in really good shape, can they still benefit from an aqua Aqua Fitness Carmel Clay Parks The Waterpark Group FItnessfitness class?

J: Oh of course! Mixing up workouts is a great way to build muscle and tone up. It’s the ultimate cross-training medium that uses muscles you don’t normally use.


R: What if a participant can’t do all of the movements – do you offer modifications?

J: Every class should offer modifications. Sometimes there are specialty classes where modifications aren’t offered, but the guidelines are clear before a person decides to take that class. The normal water fitness class is perfect for any level – from beginner, to injury recovery, to advanced!


R: Why do you teach aqua fitness? 

J: I love the water! Being in water feels good and is fun. And I love being able to see beginners as well as more advanced people come back to class talking about how good they felt after the previous class.


Get your aqua shoes and swimsuits and check out the MCC fitness schedule online by clicking here to see what aqua fitness classes are offered. See you at the pool!