CCPR Inclusion


“If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” Margaret Meade


Kelly-CCPRinclusionKelly is a shining light here at the Monon Community Center. She inspires friends, guests, and staff. She is a go-getter attitude that makes you believe in your own abilities. She is so encouraging and is the first person to tell you when you are having a good hair day or when you did a great job completing an exercise.  



Michael-CCPRinclusionMichael is creative, open, and extremely kind. He has high interpersonal skills, and can always tell when someone is having a bad day. His unconditional love for his family, fiancé, and friends is inspiring. His friendly and caring disposition brings joy and smiles to all that are around him. He has high life goals for himself, and does everything to achieve them.  


Dan-CCPRinclusionDan is a stellar employee at the Monon Community Center. He is truly a team player and is committed to continuing Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s ideal of providing excellent customer service. When he is not working at MCC, you can catch him swimming with friends, dancing in a Zumba class, or spreading his faith at Young Life. 



Ned-CCPRinclusionNed is a gifted musician, and has a large repertoire of songs from a variety of genres and musicians. His funny and can-do spirit makes him a great leader on the Roundabout Playback Troupe. He adds different types of emotions and thoughts to any enactment. He is thoughtful, kind, and very positive which makes people tend to gravitate towards him.

We are so very lucky to have such incredible and inspiring individuals here at the Monon Community Center! Check out our video on CCPR Inclusion here: