Disability Awareness Month



Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation offers inclusive programs through the Monon Community Center and our Extended School Enrichment program. If you or a family member would like to participate in a class through the Preschool, Youth, Fitness, or Aquatic Programs and need a modification, please contact  me, Michelle Yadon, at myadon@carmelclayparks.com or 317.573.5245. We will meet and access the individual’s needs in the program and make sure they have what they need for success. In our Extended School Enrichment program, Cara Gray, the ESE Inclusion Supervisor can meet with your child if you feel like need modification to participate successfully in the before school, after school, or camp program. At Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, we believe everyone has the right to  have fun and be included in our community!

We are very excited to announce that March 27th, we will be having a celebration for Disability Awareness Month! Please join us at the Monon Community Center at 7pm for the Roundabout Playback Troupe’s first performance! Playback is a form of theatre where audience members tell their stories, and a troupe of actors perform these stories on the spot. Roundabout Playback Troupe is the only inclusive playback troupe in the United States. Some come ready to see something unique and exciting. Admission will be by donation to help support startup costs of the troupe and will be taken at the door.

In the next several weeks, you will see video blog posts made by individuals with disabilities. We hope that they inspire, motivate, and move you.

Yours in fun and equality.

Michelle Yadon

Michelle Yadon, MA, RDT, CTRS MCC Inclusion Supervisor