ESE Before School Program is a Hit with Parents & Kids!


Before School Programs ESE Carmel Clay Elementary SchoolsMany Carmel Clay School parents and students know about the amazing afterschool programs Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Extended School Enrichment (ESE) offers every afternoon at each of the 11 Carmel elementary schools, but most don’t know we have an equally awesome before school program as well! The before school program runs from 7am until 8:05am every school day, and there are many benefits for the students and parents that use this program.

Students are able to wake up their brains before the start of the school day by socializing with friends or playing in Enrichment Club activities. A nutritious breakfast is provided for every participant, so parents don’t even have to worry about feeding their child prior to dropping them off at school. If participants have homework to finish or a test to study for, there is time for these endeavors as well.

One of the biggest benefits of the before school program comes on those dreaded 2-hour delay days often found in the cold, snowy Indiana winter months. Many parents struggle with where to take their child on these days, as most grown-ups don’t have a 2 hour delay from work. The ESE before school program still opens its doors at 7am on these delay days. Staff ensure the children are in a safe, fun environment until the school bell rings at 10:05am with great activities, a yummy breakfast, and opportunities for fun with friends. The best part for parents is that ESE doesn’t even charge an extra fee on these days, the low AM drop in price of $10/per child still applies!

ESE Before School Program Carmel Elementary SchoolsHere are a few comments from ESE before school participants on what they like about the program:

  • Harper Lopez, 2nd grade: “I like going to clubs in the gym.”
  • Joshua Martin, kindergarten: “I like coloring pictures.”
  • Kameron Johnson, 2nd grade: “There are a lot of games to play.”
  • Sophia Pei, 2nd grade: “I love to play dodgeball in the gym.”
  • Zaina Khan, 2nd grade: “I like playing games and I love eating breakfast at ESE.”

For more information on the ESE before school program, please see the ESE Supervisors (a.k.a. Kid Counselors) at your child’s school. They are always happy to give more information on any of our programs!