Family Volunteer Day


Family Volunteer Day Carmel Community VolunteersDo you love your family and want to instill the value of community service into your child(ren)? A lot of parents would like their child(ren) to volunteer, but don’t take the extra step to actually volunteer with them. Sure clubs like AVID, Key Club, the Honors Society, and other activities where volunteer service is required helps them get into the community, but if you really want to make sure your child(ren) understands the value of volunteerism you should show them yourself.

With the busy sometimes borderline insane schedules some families have this can prove to be difficult, but it is extremely important. Volunteering as a family should be framed in the context of quality time, and better yet a time for the entire family to spend time together. Acting as an example for your child is important to their development, as Lavonne Kroeker stated,

“New experiences can be instrumental in developing a child’s character and attributes such as compassion, patience, selfless contributions and diligence can be cultivated. In some instances, this exposure may open up the doors to future community involvement or even a future career!”

Volunteers5Instilling the importance of volunteerism in a child makes them more likely to volunteer as an adult, and in turn volunteer with their children. Just think of the rippling affect you could have for generations to come. Infect the world with a love for service and make the future a brighter place for everyone.

November 21 2015, is the 25th annual Family Volunteer Day, and there is no better time than now to begin your adventures volunteering as a family. At Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation we can help you achieve your goal of family togetherness all year round! Family Campout, Tour de Carmel, Exploration Celebration, and coming on December 5, the Luminary Walk, are just the tip of the iceberg for chances for the whole family to get out there and volunteer. Families who have a particular affection for one of the wonderful parks are also always welcome to have the family do a project within our parks.

The time is nigh for you and your family to get into volunteering and we will be with you every step of the way! Click here to view our current volunteer opportunities and start making a difference as a family today!