Free Event Gives Kids & Parents an Inside Look into Swim Lessons at CCPR


Leah's BlogLearning to swim is not easy. It is weird, it is challenging, and sometimes it seems hopeless right up until the point where it becomes possible. I have seen people of all ages transform in the pool, seeing the way they that feel about the water change completely. For a new swimmer of any age, this process is never short of amazing, but it does take time and getting started isn’t always easy. It can be hard to decide if your child is ready,
whether or not they will hate it, if you are choosing the right level, and if it is even worth your time and money. Those are hard questions and I want to help!

On October 22nd, at the Monon Community Center, I am hosting a Swim Lesson Showcase, where you can bring your children to try out our heated indoor pools and learn more about swim lessons. You and your children will have the opportunity to meet with our trained instructors (and me! I can’t wait to meet you!) who will help you with level placement and answer any and all of your swimming-related questions.

No matter your age or swimming ability, we can’t wait to work with you. Let’s take a second to talk about a recent success story, Ella. Ella had just turned 3 years old when she began swim lessons at the Monon Community Center last Fall. I remember her first day of lessons very vividly because, well, she cried a lot. I am not sure if she even made it into the water on that first day. At some point I had a discussion with her mom and when she told me about the issue – the fountains in the pool – I asked her if she wanted me to try turning them off for her lesson. With the fountains and water featured turned off, Ella finally went into the water for her swim lessons. Success!

Fast forward one full year: Ella has been taking lessons with us every month and her fear of water, and of the spray features in particular, has completely disappeared. It is now almost impossible to get Ella out of the pool, when just one year ago we struggled to get her to go in! Ella’s mom talks about how Ella practices the skills she learns in her lessons in the bath tub, pretending to be the instructor and working on blowing bubbles and floating on her back during her bath time. Her mom says it is amazing to see that, “for a child who would not even enter the indoor pool with the water features on, she spent most of her summer splashing around The Waterpark getting water dumped on her head while zooming down the kid’s slide over and over again.”

Your child can be like Ella! Bring them to our Showcase this October and take the opportunity to see what it is all about. My instructors and I love teaching and talking about swimming more than anything and would love to hear your stories and help you get started. Remember, swimming is one of life’s most important skills for so many reasons and now is the time to get started!