Junior Volunteers Give Back


GT-ChurchillQuoteThe heart of a volunteer is a strong one. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” What are you doing for others? It’s as simple as that! In today’s society, we so often focus attention to getting to where we want to be, placing emphasis on our life, our career, our family, all noble aims. But what about those whom take a break from the go-go-go craziness of their life, and dedicate an hour, a day, maybe a week, to someone else, asking for nothing in return. Therein lies the magic of volunteering.

At Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR), we welcome any and all volunteers. No task too small because all help is appreciated. Giving Tuesday 2015 falls on Tuesday, December 1st, this year. To celebrate the season of giving, the month of November is dedicated to the volunteer! To kick the celebration off, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation would like to highlight the junior volunteers that help within our organization.

Last month, junior volunteers accounted for 398 of the 667 service hours completed. Over half of the hours completed were from the hands of teenagers in the community.

Testimony from Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council President and volunteer for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation:

“Through my time on the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council, I have developed a true passion for volunteering. As a member, I have volunteered a lot around younger kids, through the before and after school program (Extended School Enrichment aka ESE) and other CCPR events such as the Princess Ball or Boys Night. One thing that stuck out to me each and every time was the opportunity in front of me to help brighten someone’s day. Rather than taking a back seat and just following the routine, I tried as best as I could to interact with those around me. Involvement with the kids and other volunteers really made the time more exciting. The goal was always to make someone smile, or laugh, or simply enjoy themselves, and if this could be achieved then the event was a success.

As the current President of Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council, my goal is to impart this attitude on all of the members. Volunteering is something I enjoy, but many people don’t. While I do understand it isn’t always the most fun thing to do, I try to help find ways to make it enjoyable. This way, the people who volunteer have a positive attitude which then rubs off on all those around.”

Help Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation celebrate Giving Tuesday this year by giving back and join the volunteer force!

Lend a hand. Create a smile. Make a difference.