Prairie Trace ESE “Rocks!”


Rock Club at Prairie Trace ESEThe portion of the Extended School Enrichment (ESE) afterschool program that the majority of staff and students enjoy the most are the Enrichment Clubs, which occur each program day from 4:30-5:30pm. Enrichment Clubs are organized sport, hobby, science, or arts and crafts activities planned by ESE staff, with student input, for the children to explore on a daily basis at the afterschool program. These clubs are offered weekly at the program site, with children having the ability to choose their own club adventure each day. Staff put a lot of thought and heart into the club planning process, as they want the children to be able to participate in activities that they love, or perhaps, find a new passion.

One of the amazing clubs offered this cycle is at Prairie Trace ESE. It is called Rock the Club, a gem and mineral club that delves into the beauty and science behind many precious stones. Many kids have a rock collection during their youth, but this club takes it one step further as children are introduced to different types of rocks and gems that might not be readily available in their backyard. It is the hope of ESE staff that this club fosters a life-long love of science in the participants, maybe even a few future geologists!

Rock Club ESE Prairie Trace ElementaryESE parents and guardians can stay up-to-date on which clubs are offered at each school site by checking out the club listing on the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation website. These clubs are updated on a regular basis to keep up the excitement level of the students who participate. Furthermore, ESE staff are always looking for input from students as well as their parents to determine which clubs to offer each cycle. Suggestions are always appreciated!

Prairie Trace Elementary ESE Rock Club