Splashing Around Carmel


Inlow-Park-Splash-Pad-2012-05-27-45It’s the simple things in life, right? Morning dew, children’s laughter, Chewbacca masks…these simple pleasures in life remind us to just relax and take a minute to bask in the sunshine of life.

But sometimes you just gotta shake it up.

I am the often-worn-out mama of two young, energetic boys. We don’t have a big yard or a lot of space in the house to run around and get crazy (like they want to do). So, come summertime, I’m always looking for fun outdoor places to take them.. Their favorite destinations usually involve water—and LOTS OF IT. My youngest son is two years old and fearless, so the pool can be a tad overwhelming for me at times. That’s why I am a HUGE fan of the Splash Pads that are now a beloved feature of some of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s playgrounds and parks.

Inlow-Park-Splash-Pad-2014-05-26The Splash Pads at Inlow and West Parks have enough space to run around and enough water to cool off those sweaty heads of theirs. With buckets that fill up and topple over their heads, and fountains that they can run through, these Splash Pads have it all. The boys are totally bonkers for these “mini” water parks, and I love seeing them frolic around with big grins on their faces without having to worry about the deep end. Also, a little birdie has informed me that this summer there will be a brand-spanking-new Splash Pad on the West side of Central Park. The plans for it will knock your Inlow-Park-Splash-Pad-2012-05-27-15socks right off. (Check it out!)

My boys and I could not be more excited to get out there and make some new memories this summer. These Splash
Pads are going to be our first stop.

Happy summer to all, and to all a good…splash!