STEM Enrichment Classes at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation


059Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – The demand for a STEM background is growing in today’s increasingly technological world. Still, according to the US Department of Education, very few American students seek an education in these fields.

Many communities around the nation have made it a priority to encourage more young learners to be engaged in STEM education, and Carmel is no exception. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation does its part by offering many STEM enrichment programs that not only provide fun and safe activities for kids and teenagers, but also help these participants develop vital skills in the STEM fields.

STEM programs at the Monon Community Center range from Marine and Electrical Engineering to Video Game Design and Robotics. These programs are especially engaging for kids and young adults because they are already so immersed in the virtual world during their day-to-day activities like playing video games. One program offered is “Video Game Design,” which introduces participants to the basics, then challenges them to create several of their own interactive video games that Animation 006they can play with their friends and family.

Another program offered for 8-11 year olds is “Apprentice Electrical Engineering,” which teaches students the concepts of basic circuit design, building and maintenance. Students are able to participate in a variety of hands-on activities to build their confidence working with electrical circuits. This program is phenomenal for learners who enjoy working with their hands.
There is almost certainly a fulfilling career available in Science, Technology, Math or Engineering no matter what hobbies your child enjoys. Whether it’s a passion for Minecraft, an interest in the underwater world or curiosity about how electricity works, our STEM enrichment programs will engage your child’s interests, build their confidence and foster a lifelong love for a field that will continue to grow for years to come.

018While we do believe STEM courses are important, we also believe it’s important to offer programs in the Arts. We offer different types of art classes for individuals of all ages ranging from “Dance Combo,” which teaches youngsters a variety of basic dance techniques to “Movie Actors,” which is a beginner acting course that helps students develop stage presence, vocal projection and movement.

Check out our STEM enrichment classes in our Summer Escape Guide (pages 26-27 and 36-37), or click here to sign your child up for any of our programs today!