The Experience of Summer Camp


NatureKidsAh…summertime. Nothing quite compares to those sweet memories of long summer days. Spending every day without a single worry, playing with friends, exploring and discovering— the freedoms only childhood allows. And the absolute best part of those hot months (besides no school, of course) was Summer Camp. Maybe it was the promise of a day filled with activities, maybe it was the friendships forged, or the field trips, or the endless songs screamed alongside fellow campers…whatever the reason, Summer Camp, for me, was why those final days of school lasted an eternity. It was the reason I wasn’t bored for three whole months.

This year, for a new generation of campers, those classic childhood memories will be made in CCPR’s Summer Camp Series. If you want to give the youngsters and tweens in your life a memorable and exciting summer camp experience, check out the unique camps being offered this year. There are some truly exceptional camps available—for the young explorers, artists, scientists, actors, social butterflies, athletes, and everyone in between— that will give each child the chance to grow and explore their interests while having a fantastic summer off the couch and out of the house.

Classic summer camp memories can be made in the “Play On” and “The Summer Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.08.52 PMExperience” Camps, where kids can enjoy sports, crafts, camp songs, swimming, and great field trips to places like Connor Prairie, the Indianapolis Zoo, and Morse Beach. For the creative types, check out “Adventures in Art” and “Success on Stage—Acting and Stage Design” camps. Here, campers can immerse themselves in creativity and expand their artistic horizons with fellow right-brainers. For the outgoing camper, look no farther than “Outdoor Explorers” (my choice if I could go back…ahem…several years) where adventure leads to exciting experiences in hiking, canoeing, and exploring. And these only scratch the surface of this year’s summer camp line-up! Hard to believe, I know. Each camp offers unique field trips, weekly swimming days, and themed activities.

On top of all this fun being had, adults can breathe a sigh of relief— even though they don’t get to be a camper (bummer, right?) they can be sure their little loved ones are having the time of their life while being taken care of by well-trained camp counselors who are held to high standards by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, a CAPRA Accredited, Gold-Medal-winning Parks organization.

Camp is a time for kids and young adults to have the freedom to figure out who they are and who they want to grow to be. It’s a time to take advantage of those long— yet fleeting— summer days. Registration is open! Let your kids have the summer they deserve, and one they’ll remember for years to come.