The Next Generation of Summer Camp is Here (and it’s awesome)


Growing up, going to camp was always the highlight of my summer. For me it was one week that I got to make a ton of new friends, tie-dye t-shirts and just be my goofy 10-year old self. This was a week of pure bliss. I would start a countdown for the next year as soon as I got home. Let me know if this only happened to me, but I Loved summer camp with a capital L.

Carmel Clay Parks offers a great way for kids to experience camp, playing on that excitement that summer camp inevitably evokes but making it more personalized plus it lasts all summer long. Where was this when I was a kid?!

June Blog-Science of SummerTo me, the greatest thing about the summer camps Carmel Clay Parks offers is the variety. There are probably a dozen different summer camps that your child can choose from depending on what they are interested in. Is your child interested in science, acting, nature, art? No matter the niche there is something for everyone.

This week, I visited Science of Summer to see just how much fun they were having (spoiler alert: it was a lot). There were activities and experiments galore and each and every kid was having the time of their life.

Gia said she picked the Science of Summer camp because science is her favorite subject in school.

“I love science and I love doing the experiments,” Gia said. “But this is better because there aren’t any tests!”

Gia couldn’t be any more spot on; Science of Summer gives kids a taste of science in the most fun way possible. From Legos to myths to archaeology, these kids are learning a ton and having a great time doing it.

Xander thinks the most fun part, besides playing with his friends of course, is the trip they take every Friday.

Every week the kids in Science of Summer take a field trip. This week they visited the Time andJuneBlog-Science of Summer 2 Space Discovery Center. In other previous weeks they have traveled to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and Fair Oaks Farm, letting them see science in action in the real world.

These summer camps offer something unique, helping kids experience and learn more about things they already love! Having the chance to go to camp all summer and do something so ridiculously fun definitely trumps my one-week summer camp any day of the week!

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