Top 10 Reasons The Waterpark Can’t Open Soon Enough



  1. It’s been a long Indiana winter and Momma needs some sun!

We’ve all been cooped up all winter long. Everyone was sick, the days were dreary, and the harsh cold air hurt to breathe in. It is finally time for warm, sunny weather! Momma needs to feel the warmth of the sun on her skin instead of the sneezing, coughing, and tugging of her kids constantly needing something.

  1. Where else can you climb a wall and splash into the water?!

If you can swim, you’d love to scale The Wall (our AquaClimb) at The Waterpark. It’s a challenge for all ages and abilities, but so much fun to splash down into the pool after a successful climb. Come see who can get to the top and master the climbing wall. Momma loves this for the ‘monkey’ kids that love to climb trees, but much safer!

  1. I need my Cabana time!!!

CabanasYou can live out your Vegas dream by renting a Cabana and sit in luxury for the day. What happens at The Waterpark, stays at The Waterpark.

  1. Momma needs a tan, like yesterday!

It’s shorts and skirts weather, and Momma’s legs are not ready for the light of day. At The Waterpark, we may start out pasty white, but after a couple weeks, we are all golden brown. Just be sure to wear your sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher to gradually get the tan you desire. Sunburns were so 90’s.

  1. Lazy River has been calling my name all winter long!

Swimming through piles of tissues, toys scattered all over the floor, and endless Pinterest projects half-finished is not my ideal way to float through life. I need Momma time on the Lazy River to float, relax, and regain some sense of sanity!

  1. One word: FlowRider®!

You have to drive more than 4 hours away to get to the next one and this FlowRider® is the coolest! Come learn to flow ride and brag to your friends what you learned to do this summer. Just be sure to fill out the waiver. The best part for Momma is watching all the FlowRiders, especially on July 25 for the FLOW Tour! They are awesome and the guys are pretty good looking, too…

  1. Orange Leaf and Kona Ice!!

Momma can’t wait to enjoy some delicious Orange Leaf poolside and the kids are jumping off the walls to have Kona Ice! Perfect, cool treats to enjoy during the hot, humid Indiana summer.

  1. A night out means Monon Mixer!!

It’s time to relive college spring break for Momma and her friends at the Monon Mixer! Adults only, live music, food trucks, adult beverages and The Waterpark all to ourselves! No kids! Yes, you read that correctly. No kids. Pure adult time and grown up conversations. Not just once this summer, but THREE times! Can June 18th get here any faster?!

  1. Spring Break was too short!

One week of vacation! You kidding me! That’s just enough time to pack up, get somewhere for a few days, run around to fill the bucket list and then get home to unpack and back to reality with no time to actually unwind. But summer, oh glorious summer, you are so long and this year is the longest with 15 weeks The Waterpark will be open. Momma is going to spend a large bulk of those weeks relaxing this summer! It takes just 10 minutes to pack up the kids, hop in the car, get here, find a spot (rent a cabana in advance) enjoy the day, and head home. Repeat every day for 15 weeks! Now that’s a vacation.

  1. Where else can you see the joy in your whole family’s faces?!

KidsWaterParkI love coming to The Waterpark and watching everyone play happily, enjoying the water and having fun with their friends. We come so often, we even make new friends. Summers are meant to be spent at the pool, learning to swim, exercising, going down waterslides, and just enjoying the sounds of summer. Of the happiest places in the world, this definitely ranks in the top 5!