Monon Community Center Indoor Track


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Indoor Track

The track is currently closed.

The indoor track is 200 meters or 1/8-mile in length. It offers 3 lanes – walking, running and passing. Every other day the direction you go is rotated to help with wear and tear on the track itself as well as on your muscles and joints. 

  • Lockers to store your valuables.
  • Stretching areas in each corner of the track.
  • Coat/towel rack and shelf for water bottles.

Track Pass – Currently Unavailable

City of Carmel and Clay Township residents may use the track for free with a Track Pass. You may pick up a Track Pass during your visit to the Monon Community Center.

Residents outside of these two areas may pay the daily rate or purchase a membership for admission into this space. To be eligible for a Track Pass, you must be a current City of Carmel and/or Clay Township resident. Mailing address does not define your residency.

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I just love using the indoor track. It is literally the best thing for me. I use it to train for all of my races, both online and virtual when I don't want to be outside. Todd

Interested in touring the facility in person?

Come in anytime and one of our staff will take you around.

Track Rules

  • 8 Laps = 1 Mile
  • Guests under the age of 11 are prohibited on the track and guests ages 11-13 must be under direct adult supervision.
  • Direction of travel is indicated on sign at entrance of track.
  • Please be courteous by using inside lane for walking, middle lane for jogging, and outside lane for running.
  • No strollers are allowed on track.
  • To assist in preventing the spread of skin-transmitted diseases, shorts/pants and a shirt (backs and midriffs must be covered) must be worn at all times.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.