Hagan-Burke Trail Closure

May 2, 2018

8/8/18 – Hamilton County Highway’s Lowes Way Bridge project is underway. As a result, the Hagan-Burke Trail is expected to be closed until September.

The project consists of the construction of a new southbound lane on Lowe’s Way allowing traffic from 146th Street to access southbound Keystone Parkway. The project will include two new bridges and a new round-a-bout at the Lowe’s entrance on Lowe’s Way. The Hagan-Burke Trail is expected to be closed until September. 

Project work over the next few weeks includes:

  • Contractor Continued to installation of MSE wall panels at Keystone Bridge and began installation on Cool Creek.

  • Contractor has begun the next phase of the new Round-ABout.

  • Prepared piers and bents for beam setting at Cool Creek.

  • Set beams on Cool Creek Bridge.

  • Continue MSE Wall panel installation.

  • Continue work on Round-A-Bout.

Be sure to watch for the new traffic pattern near the end of the week at Lowe’s Way.

Photos of the progress and ongoing status updates can be received from Hamilton County Indiana’s website.

Click here to view and download the detour map for Hagan-Burke Trail.


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