This program is intended to provide opportunities for the community such as businesses, HOA’s, or the general public to help maintain Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation trails and natural areas. By delegating duties to capable volunteers, staff can focus on other daily responsibilities, technical areas, or larger projects. The program offers volunteers a sense of partnership with their local park, trail, or natural site, with a goal of engaging the community while maintaining and improving their open spaces. Project Summary Form


Adopter Criteria

Individuals or groups must be approved through our application and interview process.  Successful candidates will be residents, groups, or businesses located in or near the Carmel area.  They will demonstrate a specific interest or expertise in a relevant work scope that CCPR has a need to fulfill.  The candidate will demonstrate the ability and willingness to maintain the agreed upon work scope in the selected park location.  Typical agreements will require an initial trial period of 6 months while working toward an overall commitment of at least 12 months.  Agreements are renewable each year.  Youth groups are welcome to adopt trails during the school year, with work coordinated with the teacher or other adult leader.



Volunteers are assigned appropriate maintenance work scopes suitable for their skills and interests. Duties can be as simple as routine litter pickup, or something more involved such as prairie restoration, invasive species control, trail maintenance, or playground mulching.  Projects depend on the needs of the adopted park site.  Generally these jobs do not need power tools.  If power tools or equipment are required, the volunteer must demonstrate relevant competency with the Park Maintenance Foreman with their own equipment to determine if they are qualified.  The Volunteer Coordinator will go over possible duties once an application has been submitted for the participant group, as duties will vary for each location.  All work must be completed during daylight hours.


Adopt-a-Park Agreement

Adopters will be issued permission to work once an Adopt-a-Park Agreement is signed by both the adopter designee and the CCPR Director or designee. The agreement lists the site, all permitted duties, allowable equipment or techniques, and any limitations on work.


Adopter Locations
  • Carey Grove Park
  • Central Park
  • Cherry Tree Park
  • Flowing Well Park
  • Founders Park
  • Greyhound Trail
  • Hagan-Burke Trail
  • Hazel Landing Park
  • Lawrence W. Inlow Park
  • Lenape Park
  • Meadowlark Park
  • Monon Greenway
  • Prairie Meadow Park
  • River Heritage Park
  • West Park
  • White River Greenway


Maintenance Standards

Standards for maintenance of the assigned area or trail section will be detailed in the agreement. If agreed-upon standards are not being met, the coordinator will discuss the site with the adopter. If assistance is needed, it can be given in the form of supplementary volunteer work parties, staff support or advice. If the adopter wishes exclusive responsibility for the site but fails after discussion to maintain it to the agreed-upon standards, the coordinator may terminate the agreement in writing.



Participants must carry out the standards to which they have been trained on and should not attempt additional work scopes that they have not been trained on.  If at any point a participant is concerned about the lack of training for a particular task they should stop and request additional training and/or assistance.  The Volunteer Coordinator will conduct initial training with the identified leader of the participant group until both parties are comfortable with the agreed upon tasks.  The participant group leader will be responsible for training other participants throughout the duration of the agreement.  The Volunteer Coordinator may continue to assist with coordinating additional projects and/or training after the adopters are working on their own.



For routine maintenance, volunteer adopters are asked to provide their own tools.  For special projects or large groups, the Volunteer Coordinator can coordinate lending tools from CCPR if available.  Support may be provided in the form of trash bags and bag pickup.  CCPR may support site preparation work (if heavy equipment is required) such as mulch and gravel deliveries if coordinated with advanced notice.



Adopt-a-Park participants deserve recognition for all they have accomplished at their adoptive sites. Adoptive groups/individuals will be identified with a sign located at the adopted location and will have the opportunity for spots on official CCPR social media platforms.  Adoptive groups/individuals will also be recognized at our annual Volunteer Reception and award ceremony.



All volunteer participants with the Adopt-a-Park program will have to agree and sign the volunteer waiver. Once a group have been approved and assigned a location volunteers will be guided to the volunteer portal where they can register as a volunteer with Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation and complete the waiver.

Code of Conduct

All participants & volunteers are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times while participating, spectating, attending or volunteering for any program or activity sponsored by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR). The following guidelines are designed to provide safe and enjoyable activities for all participants & volunteers.

I agree to show respect to all participants, fellow volunteers and CCPR staff, take direction from program CCPR staff, refrain from using abusive or foul language, refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other volunteers, participants or CCPR staff, and refrain from damaging equipment, supplies and facilities.

I agree that I am physically and mentally able to undertake on the activity that I am assigned.  If it becomes clear at anytime that I am unable to continue to participate in the assigned activity, I will immediately discontinue the assignment.  I allow CCPR staff to perform first aid or any emergency medical treatment to me in case of an accident, injury or illness that may occur during my assignment.

Photo & Video Policy, Acknowledgment and Authorization

Photos and video footage are periodically taken of participants in a class, program or during a special event or at any Carmel Clay park. All photos and video footage are the property of the Carmel/Clay Board of Parks and Recreation and are used in its Department publications and on its website. My initials evidence my acknowledgement of such ownership and authorization of such use.

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