Monon Greenway Project

detourPlease be advised of an upcoming closure on the Monon Greenway and its detour from 96th St. to Carmel Dr. This closure is required to allow for the southern section of the Monon to be repaved. The closure is scheduled to begin on Monday November 10, 2014 and is anticipated to last for approximately two to three weeks. Advanced warning signage will be placed prior to the closing for notification to Monon Greenway users. During the closure there will be a detour available for Monon users. The full detour uses paths and sidewalks along 96th St, College Ave, 106th St, Lexington Dr, within Central Park, along 116th St, Range Line Rd, and Carmel Dr. Portions of the detour will be closed and opened to provide the shortest detour possible based on where work is occurring. Please follow the signage posted along the route as indicated.

We will keep this page and our Facebook/Twitter pages (@CarmelClayParks) updated with the progress of the project.


Phase 1:

The first phase closes the Monon from Carmel Dr to 106th St.  The route for this phase uses the sidewalks along Carmel Dr and Range Line to get to the Central Park trail network and then uses Lexington Dr to get to 106th St. Click here to see an illustrative map.


Phase 2:

The next phase uses the 116th St multi-use path (after the Monon opens from 116th to Carmel Dr) to get to the southern portion of the previous phase. Click here to see an illustrative map.


Phase 3:

The third phase would go into effect when the repave can be opened entirely from Carmel Dr to 106th St.  It uses the multi-use path along 106th St to College and then the path from there to the sidewalk along 96th St. and back to the Monon. Click here to see an illustrative map.


If you have questions regarding this project, please feel free to email Lindsay Labas, Marketing Director, at

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