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Carmel Elementary

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Carmel Elementary

Welcome Carmel Elementary Extended School Enrichment (ESE) families!


At Carmel Elementary ESE we love having fun, learning and spending time with friends – especially on the playground! Mr. Bullard and Mr. Cecil lead our incredible team of Head Counselors and Kid Counselors. You can learn more about the entire team, including fun facts, by clicking here. Go Tigers!

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Site Supervisors

Elijah Bullard

Elijah Bullard

Site Supervisor
Graham Cecil

Graham Cecil

Assistant Site Supervisor

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Marker DriveDrawing from ESE

ESE is excited to announce our second semester service project! All CCS elementary schools will be participating in a used marker drive. We are partnering with Crayola ColorCycle, to help teach kids the importance of their role in protecting the environment by collecting and repurposing used markers and highlighters. We will collect all markers and highlighters, of any brand, through March. We will set a collection box out by the school’s front office and by our ESE office. CE ESE environmental club will help staff post flyers around the school, as well as, assist in the collection on delivery of all items.

ESE Drawing

February Birthdays

This month we are celebrating 19 birthday here at CE ESE. Staff would like to wish a happy birthday to: Maelle Aberle, Abby Beck, Nora Carter, Olivia Coleman, Grady Comparato, Karter Davenport, Peyton Hasseld, Natalie Jones, Owen Laughrey, Ava McHenry, Elease Murillo, Autumn Orendi, Abigail Riddle, Stephanie Tan, Sofia Titus, Gabrielle Wagner, Marshall Warner, Caden Wolpert, and James Wright.

Birthdays in February at ESE

Fun facts about February Birthdays:

There are two recognized birth flowers – Iris and the violet, the birthstone is the amethyst, which is a variety of quartz. February is considered black history, bird feeding, grapefruit and umbrella month. A couple holidays celebrated are Groundhog day (Feb 2nd) and Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). Celebrity February birthdays – Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, John Travolta, Sheryl Crow, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George Washington.

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