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Cherry Tree ESE believes in educating the whole child, and our goal is to keep that going before and after school! Mrs. Haddock and Mrs. Lucero lead our team of counselors and do a phenomenal job of doing so. You can learn more about the entire team, including fun facts, by clicking here. Go Patriots!

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Carmel High School Students Represent UNICEF

On Friday, January 17, the Youth Kids at Cherry Tree Elementary Extended School Enrichment (ESE) before and after school programOutreach representatives from Carmel High School UNICEF visited Cherry Tree to introduce our students to the Kid Power program. The representatives introduced the students to Kid Power videos and had them participate and exercise along to some of the videos. When students participate in the Kid Power videos in and out of school, in addition to receiving some body movement and exercise, the time spent doing the movements and exercises are converted into digital coins that are then redeemed to buy nutrition for children in need through UNICEF.

The high school representatives Kids at Cherry Tree Elementary Extended School Enrichment (ESE) before and after school programalso introduced our students to the UNICEF program and how the program helps children locally and world-wide. The high school representatives will return to Cherry Tree on Friday, March 13 to run the same program for our students.

February Birthdays

Happy birthday to students who are celebrating a birthday in February! Here are some fun February facts: February’s birthstone is amethyst which is associated with peace, stability, courage and strength. February’s birth flowers are the violet and primrose. The violet represents loyalty and faithfulness while the primrose represents youth and undying love. February has 29 days this year as it is a leap year. Babies born on February 29th are called “leaplings.”  February is full of celebrations because it is the month of Black History, Bird Feeding, Grapefruit, Haiku Writing, Umbrellas, Heart Health and Chocolate Lovers. 

Kids at Cherry Tree Elementary Extended School Enrichment (ESE) before and after school program

Some celebrities born in February include: Jennifer Aniston, James Dean, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Rosa Parks and a collection of past presidents, William Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George Washington. We hope everyone has a great birthday! February birthdays: RJ R, Emma-Jo B, Owen G, Preston B, Nick P, Griffin R, Tierney S, Carter A, Ryals B, Javier U and Lucy T.

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“The people at the Cherry Tree program are fantastic. I really appreciate Monica and her team. I would rate the people at the highest rating. My kids love going to the program because all their friends are there and they have so much fun.”