Work From Home Tips

Work from Home Tips

4 Work from Home Tips from Fitness Supervisor Brittany Ignas

Uncomfortable. Achy Back. Tight Neck. Weird Chair. These might be a few things you are facing if you’re working from home. Discomfort from working conditions can cause a lot of negative feelings and even a lack of focus. While we can’t change our situation, we’re sharing a few things you can do – in just 5-10 minutes a day – to relieve some of your work-from-home discomforts!


Meditation is a great way to practice de-stressing. One of my favorite ways to meditate is to lay on my back, set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and focus on a breathing technique. Here are a few breathing and meditation techniques to try:

  • Control/Pause Breathing: Breath in for 4 counts; hold at the top of the breath for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, hold at the bottom of the exhale for 4 counts.
  • Open mouth exhale technique: Inhale through the nose, let out a big open mouth exhale or sigh.
  • Focus on a motivational quote, goal or intention: Decide on a motivational quote, goal or intention. Then repeating it as you breathe steadily for the duration.

At the end of the timer take the deepest, fullest inhale you can followed by the biggest, open mouth exhale you can 1-3 times. Slowly come out of your reclined position and start to create a positive mindset for the day. This could be as simple as “Let’s do this” or “I’m ready for a great day!” Regardless, make it personal and something that is going to fire up your positive energy for the morning to carry into your day!

Positive Affirmations

If you can, set meditation breaks throughout your day. This could be repeating this all again in the middle of your workday or simply checking back in with yourself and your positive phrase. A clear focus for the day can help relieve some of the negative, uncomfortable thoughts you may experience during this difficult time.

Neck + Shoulder Stretches

Tension and stress can definitely be uncomfortable. More than that, they can add unnecessary anxiety to your work and productivity. Working in a new setting, like your home, can be difficult. Sitting in a new chair or makeshift desk space can impact us beyond the workday. Try Stretching your neck and shoulders every hour or two. Here are a few great stretches to try. Do each stretch 3-4 times.

  • Head circles
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Look up/down
  • Tilt your head side to side
  • Bring your right arm across your chest and gently add pressure with your left hand and vice versa.

Walk, Pace or Stairs

Being sedentary in general is detrimental to our health. Incorporating movement breaks into your daily routine requires just a few minutes but adds a huge benefit to our health. Try scheduling walks if it’s nice outside, pace inside your house, or walk up and down your stairs a few times.

Practice and Consistency

These may sound straightforward, but there have been numerous studies about the benefits of movement for the body and the detriments of stress or discomfort. Ultimately, accepting this is not a forever situation is important. These simple tricks will take just a few minutes and can benefit you, your stress level, your focus and the way you feel mentally and physically. The key is to be consistent. If you get up and meditate in the morning don’t do it just once, do it daily. If you decide at lunch to take a walk or do some stretching, again, do it daily. Make scheduled time or reminders so you remember how important your health and happiness are.

Lastly, use this time of quarantine to grow! If you notice you enjoy taking a few minutes to stretch, breathe or move throughout the day keep it going even when you return to work!


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