My Monon Rewards

    Everything You Need To Know About Your Membership Achieve a Healthier You

    Show Up + Get Rewards

    Now there’s even more to love with your Monon Community Center (MCC) membership with My Monon Rewards. My Monon Rewards is our official member rewards program that keeps you motivated, engaged, and inspired to achieve a healthier you.

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    Ways to Get Rewards

    Monthly Challenges
    New Member Prize

    Monthly Challenges

    The main way to earn prizes through My Monon Rewards is by completing monthly challenges. Each month, there will be different challenges for members to complete. Each challenge completed equals one entry into the prize package of your choice. There is one maximum entry per completed challenge. At the end of the month, there will be one member drawn to win each prize package. *Must be an active member when the drawing is done. By participating, you consent to sharing your name/photo on the member Facebook group.

    New Member Prize

    New members* who visit the Monon Community Center four times in their first month will automatically be entered into a monthly drawing for a new member prize package.

    Prizes will include: personal training consultation, duffel bag, and water bottle. Total prize worth is $100.

    *New members must be first time members, not returning new members who have had memberships in the past.