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Master Plans

What is a Master Plan?

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s (CCPR) first priority is determining how to best serve its ever-changing and growing community. Every five years the department develops a new Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which is a comprehensive look at the future of CCPR over the course of the next five years.

Each master plan incorporates input from elected officials, community leaders, stakeholders, community organizations, the public and more. Each group contributes feedback, which allows CCPR to create a snapshot in time of the wants and needs of the community. The plan assesses CCPR’s financial strength and represents CCPR’s continued commitment to providing a quality park and recreation system for the City of Carmel.

2025 – 2029 Master Plan

CCPR’s last master plan was approved by the park board in 2019. CCPR has begun the process of developing its 2025-2029 master plan.  

Be part of the process! Stay tuned here for opportunities to participate in the 2025-2029 master plan.

2020 – 2024 Master Plan

The 2020 – 2024 version of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan addresses changes to the vibrant community since the last plan was adopted in 2015. Population growth, evolving recreation trends, development of new parks and facilities like Jill Perelman Pavilion, and the success of thousands of programs have increased and modified the demand for parks and recreation services in the community. These changes have created the need for new strategies for managing the park and recreation system for the next five years and beyond.

CCPR is recognized for its innovation and high-quality parks and services, as demonstrated in 2014 by becoming one of only 193 nationally accredited agencies and winning the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management in 2014 and 2020. In order to build upon these successes and remain focused on the needs of the community, CCPR updates its Parks and Recreation Master Plan every five years in accordance with Indiana Department of Natural Resources requirements.

Master Plan Presentation to Carmel/Clay Board of Parks and Recreation by Pros Consulting – January 2024