Welcome, and thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with us. We truly appreciate our volunteers and the time they put toward making our programs, parks, and services better for the community.

The first step to becoming a volunteer with us is to register online and create a volunteer profile. Once your registration has been approved you will be able to sign yourself up for the opportunities through your online account. When filling out the registration, please make sure to complete the appropriate fields for your age category (see “Register to Become a Volunteer” section below).

If interested in volunteering as a group, please view the information under “Request a Project” section below.


Our Volunteer Philosophy

Philosophy on Volunteerism: Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR) is a government agency dedicated to sustaining our parks and wildlife, promoting health and wellness in the community, building a future for the next generation, and being inclusive to all within our community and beyond.

Our mission is:

  • Serving the community – By utilizing volunteers in our Adaptive, Events, and Extended School Enrichment programs we serve the community by creating fun and fulfilling programs for members of our community to utilize.
  • Developing existing resources – With the assistance of skilled volunteers like our Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation works to develop and maintain the highest standards in public and recreational park systems.
  • Creating a sustainable future – Environmental educational programing and volunteers in our department help develop social conscious, a love of learning, and environmental stewardship in community and in the next generation.

CCPR serves over 16,000 residents of Central Indiana and beyond with our Events, Adaptive, Extended School Enrichment, recreation programs, and throughout our Parks. For over 25 years, CCPR has been a leader of innovation in the community and for parks departments all over the United States. CCPR celebrates those people whose unlimited compassion and dedication lead them to give their time, effort, leadership, and skills to volunteer. Our volunteers are one of our greatest natural resources – serving in our main areas and helping us enhance our services to the greater community beyond Carmel and Clay Township. Our volunteers promote excellence, a dedication to giving back to the community, professionalism, and a passion for our three core mission areas. Whether they volunteer for our Extended School Enrichment, our Summer Camp Series, Events, Adaptive programs, or volunteer in our Parks, volunteers uphold the mission and culture of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. In return, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation strives to provide all volunteers with the tools and assistance they need to thrive. CCPR treats all volunteers with the respect and dignity, just as they do with their employees, participants, and members. CCPR acts in a matter that is transparent and trustworthy and strives to treat all volunteers with Equity. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation hopes to continue its trend to be one of the best parks and recreation systems in the United States.


Volunteer Opportunities

Park Projects

Adaptive Programs: Adaptive programs are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. These programs are created to make sure that everyone can participate in a leisure activity of their choice that will allow for them to perform at their highest level. We offer Adaptive programs for kids, teens, and adults. Both High School volunteers and Adult volunteers have the opportunity to work with individuals providing the support and enthusiasm to make every activity a success. From helping coach sports to helping create original art pieces there are a variety of programs that volunteers can support. Click the area name/link at the beginning of this paragraph to see opportunities.

Park Stewardship: Get outside and explore the wonderful parks and greenways within Carmel. Park Stewardship encompasses all that is done to keep the parks a healthy, clean, and safe place to visit not only for humans but for plants and wildlife. Volunteers will have a chance to gain hands on experience and knowledge with a variety of environmental restoration projects including invasive plant removal, trail restoration, and litter cleanup. Along with park improvement projects such as playground mulching, refinishing park benches, branch cleanup, plus many more. Whether volunteering as an individual or as a group there is always a project for you. So get outside, get dirty, and give your parks a helping hand. Click the area name/link at the beginning of this paragraph to see opportunities.

Summer Camp Series: Want to be part of something exciting this summer! Become a volunteer with our summer camp series. Support campers and staff as they run camps for students aged 5-15 with themes including art, theatre, sports, nature, and science. Support field trips around the city as campers have a chance to explore, learn and have some fun. A set schedule will be provided once you are approved as a volunteer. Click the area name/link at the beginning of this paragraph to see opportunities.

Extended School Enrichment (before and after school): Our Extended School Enrichment (ESE) program is a before and after school program that continually strives to provide kindergarten through sixth grade students within Carmel Clay Schools with high quality programming. High School Volunteers will have a chance to work hands on at the school of their chose providing assistance with games, homework and overall lending a helping hand with the students that attend the program. This volunteer opportunity provides High School Students a chance to gain experience working with kids, taking direction and learning the professional skills that they can carry on into college and beyond. Click the area name/link at the beginning of this paragraph to see opportunities. This program does require a commitment of at least one day a week for a semester, this allows high school volunteers to really become a part of the program, and provide students with someone they can rely on each week. 

Programs: A variety of programs are offered throughout the year. With the help of friendly staff, adults and kids alike are able to explore their imagination through entertainment, interactive games, community engagements, storytelling and much more. Volunteers will join in the fun by assisting staff with set up and tear down of programs, assist with the decorating, welcoming our guests, helping with crafts and other activities. Click the area name/link at the beginning of this paragraph to see opportunities.

Adopt-a-Park: This program is intended to provide opportunities for the community such as businesses, HOA’s, or the general public to help maintain Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation trails and natural areas. By delegating duties to capable volunteers, staff can focus on other daily responsibilities, technical areas, or larger projects. The program offers volunteers a sense of partnership with their local park, trail, or natural site, with a goal of engaging the community while maintaining and improving their open spaces. Project Summary Form


Register to Become a Volunteer

Adult Volunteers: Adult volunteers are those aged 18+ and have graduated from high school. Adult volunteers must register and create a profile in the volunteer system. As part of the registration process a background check is completed. This is why a full legal name, date of birth and Social Security Number is required during registration. This process can take 7-10 days to complete. If there is a specific project that you are interested in taking part in please register with plenty of time for background check and registration approval to occur. Click here to submit your application.

High School Volunteers: High School volunteers are students aged 14-18, if you are still in high school this is the type of volunteer you will be registering as. High School volunteers are required to register and create a profile in the volunteer system. High School volunteers are required to provide two references such as a teacher or a coach, once a registration is received those references will be emailed with a very short questionnaire. It takes approximately 7-10 days for new registrations to be processed, it can take longer depending how quickly references respond. Registrations cannot be approved until both references are received by the volunteer coordinator. High School volunteers can sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities listed, although some opportunities may require the presence of an adult/guardian if under the age of 16. These opportunities will be marked as such letting you know before you sign up. Click here to submit your application.

Group Volunteers: More information for volunteering as a group can be found under the Request a Project section.


Request a Project

Is your organization looking for a way to give back to the community? We have a wide range of activities perfect for businesses, community organizations and schools and we are more than happy to work with you and provide an amazing experience for everyone involved. The majority of projects that are available for larger groups will be focused on Park Stewardship. If interested in scheduling a group project please submit a Group Request Form, the Volunteer Coordinator will look it over and then contact the group for further discussion. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for any questions or concerns.

If you have an idea for a project that is not listed, interested individuals can fill out the Project Request Form which allows volunteers a chance to submit specific ideas for new volunteer projects. These proposals will be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator who will review the request and inform the requester whether the project is achievable.


Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

Eagle Scout Projects: Our process with Life Scouts to obtain their Eagle Scout Service Project has recently changed. Please click here to view the updated process. Current park-related project proposals should fall within Flowing Well Park, Meadowlark Park, Lawrence W. Inlow Park, Carey Grove Park, and River Heritage Park only.

When submitting your project proposal to us, please write your answers within our Proposal Template and rename the file to include your first and last name. Thank you!

Girl Scout Gold Awards: Our process with Girl Scouts to obtain their Gold Award has recently changed. Please click here to view the updated process. Current park-related project proposals should fall within Flowing Well Park, Meadowlark Park, Lawrence W. Inlow Park, Carey Grove Park, and River Heritage Park only.

When submitting your project proposal to us, please write your answers within our Proposal Template and rename the file to include your first and last name. Thank you!





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Volunteer Project Coordinator

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