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    Help Keep Our Parks Beautiful 

    Parks are an integral part of every community. They provide access to nature and better our quality of life. The Adopt-A-Park program provides an opportunity for the community to help us maintain our parks, trails and natural areas.

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    Share in the responsibility of our natural resources and have a hand in our focus on sustainability. Volunteering to Adopt-A-Park is a great opportunity for businesses, HOAs and the general public.

    Being called out by numerous passing trail users engaging us with positive words of support regarding our efforts has been very rewarding. From a simple ‘Thank you, looks great!,’ to five minute engagements regarding the perils of invasives, have all been feel-good moments. An added benefit comes by planting natives.
    – Eric Schmidt, Monon Farms HOA
    Trash and recycling bins at the trailhead on the Monon by the Monon Community Center.
    Parks + Sustainability

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    Lend a hand in our parks – explore our volunteer opportunities!


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