Marc Zolner holds weights during a group fitness class at the MCC. Text reads: One Price. One Place. All Access.

One Price. One Place. All Access.

Longtime member Marc Zolnder says the MCC is his go-to workout home

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s ads say their memberships are: One Price. One Place. All Access. Longtime Monon Community Center (MCC) member Marc Zolner says that is exactly why he has been working out at the MCC for over 12 years. It’s his true home for everything that keeps him healthy, happy and on-the-move. A true mind, body and spirit community no matter your individual workout goals.

“I chose the MCC for my workouts because it was close to both my home and work, affordable, and the facilities were better and offered more options than anywhere else close by,” says Zolner. “I could run on the track or outside on a trail, lift weights, swim, take a group fitness class, find comradery in my workout sessions, and then have a place
to shower and head back to work. I really can do it all right at the MCC.”

For Zolner, his commitment to a health-conscious workout routine started when he was in college in Colorado. Even as a college student, he was at the recreation center working out every day alongside his twin brother. Admittedly, both brothers have a competitive edge and used to run marathons and road races together—especially during their college years.

“We are identical twins, and my brother was a competitive cyclist for years,” Zolner says. “He was always a better runner than I was, but we enjoyed racing and training together. Sometimes, we would wear the same things just to confuse folks (and the girls). That part was fun. We didn’t necessarily grow up in a household with a workout or health-focused routine but we both were drawn to all things running, cycling and strength-based and that became a way of life for both of us. It still is today.”


In 2008 Zolner did his first Ironman and a second followed in 2010. He had been running marathons since he was 18 and then just took the step up to train for the Ironman, which includes a full marathon run, 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride. Training for both the Ironman and triathlons, Zolner says, are a thing of the past but he’s still intent on a daily workout routine.

“As often as I can—every day if I could—I try to get in some morning cardio either biking or running and then attend a strength workout group class during my lunch break,” says Zolner. “The competitive spirit—no matter what level—is alive and thriving during those noon classes.”

Zolner may have given up his racing days, but he is well-known around the MCC for the number of pullups he can accomplish, and his farmer carries on the track. He’s often described as a motivator and support system for others.

“Marc adds such amazing energy to our community,” says CCPR fitness & wellness supervisor Shannon Strzynski. “Not only is he incredibly fit and dedicated to his own routine, but he encourages those around him to be their best self. He can often be seen organizing workout meet-ups in the fitness center or engaging fellow group fitness members in a friendly competition. He will remind us that his wife is really the athlete in the family, but Marc brings a healthy dose of athleticism, enthusiasm, fun and the best smile to the MCC.”

Everything “state of the art” that you would need for any kind of workout is available at the MCC, shares Zolner. The atmosphere, he continues, is like family with a lot of encouragement and support of one another—and adaptable to whatever level of intensity works for the individual. As Zolner ages, he admits that he’s aware of aching knees and the ability to not exercise as hard as he once did. Finding alternatives to his workout to adapt to his body is something that is important to Zolner and a must as his fitness routines flex and change.

“That is what makes the MCC so special,” Zolner says. “You can find what workout best fits your individual lifestyle and daily workout goals and needs. Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace, modify their workout and if you want to be competitive with the person next to you–well that is okay too.”

Written By: Sheryl Rodgers

Sheryl focuses on branding and marketing engagement. She’s a storyteller, editorial and media consultant, and brand builder. This story was written in partnership with Pickett & Associates.