Mark Westermeier

Q&A with Mark Westermeier

Celebrating 30 Years of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

Vision. Community. Innovation. Servant leadership. A few words to describe the focus of Mark Westermeier’s 15 years as Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Executive Director. Under his leadership, the department grew exponentially, opened the doors to several parks and facilities, founded its adaptive program for individuals with disabilities, and won its first Gold Medal for Excellence in Park & Recreation Management…to name a few accomplishments. At the root of every accomplishment was a desire to provide an outstanding experience for each person who visited and worked at a CCPR park or facility.

Westermeier’s time at the helm was nothing short of transformational for the department and the community. What was a burgeoning park system is now an industry leader, setting the standard for park systems across the country.

To celebrate this year’s milestone, Westermeier took a moment to reflect on his time with CCPR over its 30-year history – how it started, the legacy he left, and his thoughts on the next 30 years.

Q&A with Mark Westermeier

I wish the community could know how hard each and every staff member works to create wonderful experiences for our visitors, where we talk about how to improve the visitor experience rather than how to make it easier on staff.Mark Westermeier

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Written By: Jylian Riches
Jylian is the Marketing Content Coordinator for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. She oversees the Department’s social media and has written the creative for numerous marketing publications and campaigns.