Sue and Judy

Q&A with Sue Dillon + Judy Hagan

Celebrating 30 Years of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation


Sue Dillon + Judy Hagan are Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s original dynamic duo. They have been part of CCPR’s story since day one, in fact, they’ve held the pen that wrote the story. A truly complementary pair, together they bring a love for preserving green space and providing recreational opportunities along with an understanding of the importance of prioritizing sustainable financial planning.

The two met in the late 1980s while attending local development and zoning meetings. They were brought together over their desire to protect greenspace in Carmel and Clay Township while the area was going through a development boom. The Hagans and Dillons began working together and formed the Clay West Information Council to help keep the community informed about coming changes. Around the same time, Citizens for Greenspace was created and that was the start of what is now Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation.

Over the last 30 years, the two have not only developed and nurtured the vision of the park system but also served on the Carmel/Clay Board of Parks and Recreation and spent endless hours dedicated to CCPR.

To celebrate this milestone, Sue Dillon + Judy Hagan reflected on the last 30 years – how it started, the accomplishments, and the future of the park system.

Q&A with Sue Dillon + Judy Hagan

I have many, many fond memories and they all focus on the dedicated people who shared the same goal and played their part in doing what they could to help create our parks. It has been so very rewarding.Sue Dillon

Take a look back at Judy + Sue’s work with Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation over the years.


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Written By: Jylian Riches
Jylian is the Marketing Content Coordinator for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. She oversees the Department’s social media and has written the creative for numerous marketing publications and campaigns.