child races down the plunge slide next to the Wall in the dive well at The Waterpark

The Wall

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The Wall, AquaClimb®️ 

Take your experience at The Waterpark to new heights! Choose your own path up the AquaClimb®️ (The Wall) and scale it as high as you can! Get to the top, slap your hand on the sign and then take the plunge into the deep pool below. 

The Wall (AquaClimb®️)  is located next to the Plunge Slide and FlowRider®️ in The Waterpark at the Monon Community Center in Carmel. Reach new heights and give it a try on your next visit!

Reminder: This pool is recommended for strong and experienced swimmers only as the water is 12’3” deep. That’s nearly as tall as a giraffe!


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Open Daily during season: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.


"So cool and so much fun! It was awesome finding my own way up the AquaClimb®️ and then falling into the water below. I can't wait to do it again!" Jon S.

Interested in touring the facility in person?

Come in anytime and one of our staff will take you around.


  • Experienced swimmers only.
  • Drop from climbing wall feet first.
  • Dives, flips, or other tricks from the wall all prohibited.
  • Once you have fallen from the climbing wall, exit the area at the nearest ladder, staying clear of any other climbers.
  • Only 2 climbers at a time are permitted on the wall.
  • Only 2 climbers at a time in the Drop Zone.
  • Next climber in line must wait on the deck and await instructions from the lifeguard.
  • Swimming in front of the climbing wall is prohibited.
  • Climbers must be able to swim from the ladder to the climbing wall independently to be permitted to climb.
  • Parents/Guardians are prohibited to catch or support children on the climbing wall.
  • Flotation devices are prohibited.