Artesian Well at Flowing Well Park

Update:  Carmel, Ind. (August 20, 2019) – The artesian well at Flowing Well Park is now open.

Please remember these precautions any time you drink/consume water from the well:
1. Always use a sterile container to collect the water.
2. Boil water prior to drinking it.
3. Please respect the closure signage and barricades when the well is closed.


Carmel, Ind. (August 17, 2019) – A continuing issue with water contamination at Flowing Well Park has forced Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR) to close the artesian well, a Hamilton County attraction since its discovery in the 1800s.

While artesian wells are required to be tested quarterly by IDEM, CCPR tests the well monthly to monitor the water for those who collect drinking water. When the well tested positive for total coliforms last week, CCPR immediately closed access to the well, immediately starting the customary chlorination measures.

Unfortunately, those measures – and subsequent treatments – have all been unsuccessful. No breaks in the well casing or other piping have been identified that could lead to the contamination. We are working closely with Carmel Utilities and Peerless Pump Company to identify the cause and remedy so we can reopen the artesian well at Flowing Well Park as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the 15-acre Flowing Well Park‘s other features remain open to the public. As a reminder, the water from the well is untreated groundwater. Water quality can vary from day to day due to a variety of natural and other factors. We recommend always boiling the water before use/consumption.

If the public has any questions or concerns, please contact Lindsay Labas, marketing director, at 317.573.4020 or email her at


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