Flowing Well Park

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Flowing Well Park is closed to the public to undergo planned improvements. The park is scheduled to reopen after construction is complete in Spring of 2021 (April/May).

These improvements include Cool Creek bank stabilization, restroom construction, parking lot expansion, and updated interpretive signage and trails. The Clay Township Impact Program funds these enhancements as part of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Reimagining Parks initiative.

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Park Updates with Councilor Aasen

While the Artesian Well at Flowing Well Park is closed, you can find other local artesian wells via the link below.

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Reimagining Flowing Well Park


From The Beginning

This 15-acre park was established in 1983, and park goers have frequented it ever since. Most visitors bring their empty water jugs to fill up at the “Old Faithful” artesian well, which was discovered back in the 1800s. Others come to enjoy the mile-long trail that wraps itself through the woods and provides numerous educational spots to learn about nature. Cool Creek winds throughout the park and is a great area to fish or take the kids creek stomping.

Visitors come from all around the state to enjoy the wonders of Flowing Well Park.

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Looking Forward

Thanks to the Clay Township Impact Program, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is  helping the community by updating and enhancing its parks to become more accessible, safer and available year-round. 

Planning stages are complete and construction has begun. The park will remain closed through the duration of the project with a projected opening in Spring 2021. The projected budget for this park’s upgrades is $1.9m. Upgrades are set to include:

To provide your feedback on this park’s upgrades, please scroll down and fill out the Reimagining Parks Feedback Form.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Artesian Well

Each month, we perform testing on the artesian well. Artesian wells are required to be tested quarterly for bacteria, but Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation goes above and beyond and tests it more frequently than we legally have to. Monthly testing occurs in partnership with the City of Carmel’s Water Department. For more information about testing, please contact the City of Carmel Water Plant #5 at 317.571.2639.

For more information about Flowing Well Park rules, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Flowing Well Test Results

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Reimagining Parks Feedback Form

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5100 E. 116th Street
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  • Artesian Well
  • Fishing
  • Soft Surface Trails
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Bike Rack

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General Park Rules

For safety and enjoyment of everyone, please follow these rules and courtesies.

    • Bag and dispose of pet waste
    • Place all litter in appropriate trash containers
    • Drive and park only on roadways and designated parking areas
    • Wildlife and vegetation should not be disturbed
    • Pets are not permitted in playgrounds, spray parks, water features or buildings
    • Adult supervision recommended for children in playgrounds and spray parks
    • Report inappropriate conduct to Carmel Police
    • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails or park grounds
    • Fires are permitted only in permanent park-provided grills
    • Swimming, wading and ice fishing are not permitted
    • Skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades are not permitted in shelters, buildings or on playgrounds
    • Keep all pets leashed
    • Exercise pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet
    • Avoid playing loud music that disturbs others
    • Soliciting or use of park for profit is prohibited without a permit
    • Help keep wildlife wild – Please do not feed water fowl or wild animal
    • Fishing is permitted with fishing license (required for those 18 and over only). May keep 5 total 14″+ Largemouth Bass or 10 total Channel Catfish at any size. Click here for more information.

The water from Flowing Well is untreated groundwater from an aquifer located below the area. Water quality may vary from day to day due to a variety of natural and other factors. While the water is tested monthly, there are inherent risks with drinking untreated water. To help prevent water contamination and the spread of disease-causing organisms, please observe these rules and courtesies.

  1. Avoid touching the water spigots with your hands, containers or other objects.
  2. Refrain from drinking water directly from the spigots.
  3. Wading, standing, or entrance inside the dispensary pit is prohibited.
  4. Pets are not permitted inside the well house.
  5. Disinfection of groundwater is recommended before consuming water.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, boiling (rolling boil for 1 minute) has very high effectiveness in killing Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria, and viruses. Allow water to cool after boiling before drinking.

Report inappropriate conduct to Carmel Police: 317.571.2580
Report maintenance concerns to Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation: 317.573.4044