4 Ways to Combat the “Winter Blues” with Group Fitness 

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4 Ways to Combat the “Winter Blues” with Group Fitness 

The mental benefits of participating in group fitness at the MCC 


It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping and excuses why not to workout are creeping in. Being busy or unmotivated due to cold temperatures this time of year is 100% valid, and we’ve all felt that way one time or another. But, could skipping your workout do more harm than good? 

It is proven that exercise and movement can significantly help with stress, including those annual “winter blues.” Exercise during or after the holidays is also key in maintaining some balance in our lives, since we tend to eat a little more than usual during these times, and that’s ok! 

So, how can you prep your mind and body for success this winter season and limit excuses? 

Group Fitness1. Accept change and set goals.

One of the most beneficial things you can do is set workout goals to keep you on track. That could be as simple as “workout 3 times a week” or as detailed as “take 2 cardio, 2 strength, and 2 mind-body classes a week.” There is no cookie-cutter fitness plan, so create goals that don’t cause you stress. The main purpose of exercising is to release stress, not cause it!  

2. Have an open mind.

If you’re a mid-day exerciser but headed out of town, try a morning class. If you’re an early morning or later evening exerciser, but know it’s colder and darker during those times, try a lunch break workout. If you haven’t tried a certain instructor or style of class, now’s the best time! When we create opinions, we limit ourselves to great opportunities. One of the best things about the MCC Group Fitness Schedule is that every class is accessible to everyone. All instructors are knowledgeable in providing modifications and how to make each class successful and enjoyable for all levels. If you are new to a class, I recommend showing up a few minutes early, talking to the instructor, and asking for modifications if you know you might need them through the class. 

3. Accountability. 

From personal experience and witnessing the successes of friends who work out together, having a buddy or instructor hold you accountable is a game-changer. At the MCC we are a community, and communities are here to support each other. If you know this season can be challenging for you to commit to your workouts, tell your instructor when you plan to see them in class and ask them to hold you accountable to your fitness goals this month. Friends can also be great. If you know someone who attends classes on the same day and time as you, use them as your check-in resource to show up. 

4. Sign Up. 

Committing to yourself is a great method for workout success. With our new online reservation system, you can pre-register for classes two days in advance. 


Do you still have questions about specific classes? Check out our Group Fitness Schedule.  


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