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Fun-Retire with Parks

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Un-Retire? FUN-Retire!

Here at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, you don’t un-retire…you fun-retire! Working with CCPR isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity to make a difference.

We know that everyone’s reason to look for work is different. Perhaps you’re looking for a paycheck, you want to fill some free time, or you want to give back to your community.

Our “why” is pretty simple, be stewards of a healthy community by providing innovative and inclusive experiences. By joining our team, you’re sure to make a positive impact in Carmel.


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Meet Dave F.

Outdoor Park Worker Dave FederspillIt only took Dave one year to realize retirement wasn’t for him (what can he say? he got bored!). After a career as an Optician, he took a few odd jobs to fill his time, but he wasn’t feeling fulfilled. That’s when his kids gave him a piece of his own advice, “Get out of your comfort zone!”

So that’s what he did. Lucky for us, he found an opportunity with our Parks & Natural Resources team.

As an outdoor parks worker, Dave helps keep our parks in tip-top shape. He’s most proud of the work he does in Midtown Plaza and Monon Boulevard. Dave loves working outdoors, working independently, and he also argues that he has the best views for lunch!

“I’ve never had a job like this, I love getting out of my comfort zone,” Dave shared. “I also enjoy my colleagues, they are positive, smart, motivating people. After retiring I had a few odd-end jobs, but I know that Carmel Clay Parks is where I’ll hang my hat.”

Meet Bob W.

Mr. Wittig at the playground with studentsAt 88, Mr. Wittig isn’t slowing down any time soon! After a career with General Motors, he was looking for a way to give back to his community during retirement. He found that opportunity as a Counselor with CCPR’s Extended School Enrichment (ESE) after-school program.

As an ESE Counselor, Mr. Wittig has made a positive impact on countless kiddos. He is dedicated to the well-being and success of the young people in our program.

“For the past five years, I’ve mostly worked with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and I try to instill manners, etiquette, and especially no bullying in these kids. I learned how to be patient while training dogs for 30 years. I think that patience is a beautiful quality for an ESE counselor.”

Meet Dena O.

Dena Osting at ESEWhere in the world has Dena Osting been? Well, to tell you the truth — a little bit of here, there and everywhere. Her passport is filled with colorful stamps documenting her global teaching and leisure travels. In recent years she’s been working and sharing her vast educational experience and knowledge in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Abu Dhabi, a far cry from her days growing up in Indianapolis and her more recent move back to Carmel.

Osting says her work with the CCPR Extended School Enrichment program and the kids she sees every day is just as rewarding as her interaction with kids on the other side of the globe. Learning, caring, collaborating, and including all is a universal language for her.

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