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Our fitness supervisor Brittany shares why you should choose personal training at the MCC

Let’s just be honest, working out is hard. It’s easy to come up with excuses to not work out. My reasons usually include being too busy or unsure of where to start. But now’s the time to move past the excuses, because working with a personal trainer at the Monon Community Center (MCC) makes it so much easier! And what better time than right around the holidays?

Fitness Supervisor, Brittany Ignas
Fitness Supervisor, Brittany Ignas

Personal training at the MCC is truly personal. Our certified personal trainers work with you to design a program specifically for you! To tell you more about personal training at the MCC, I sat down with our fitness supervisor Brittany Ignas. Here’s what I learned!

Q: How do I know if personal training is right for me?

A: Think about what you are trying to accomplish and know your goals. It’s helpful to jot down a list and come prepared to talk about where you want to be physically and mentally. When you know what you want to achieve our staff can better align you with a trainer who will motivate you and help you succeed.

Q: What will I get out of personal training/what are the benefits?

Personal Training Infographic - Why to choose the MCC for personal trainingA: First and foremost, accountability to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Personal training can help you dedicate more attention to the physical part of exercise and less attention to the mental part. When you have someone helping with the mental motivation and encouragement, while also guiding you into the exercises, you start to see results faster and enjoy working out more.

Q: What should I look for in a personal trainer?

A: Simply put, their background and expertise and how it aligns with what you’re looking to achieve. Each trainer at the MCC has their own specialties and style. Find the one who speaks to you most. You can find details about all of our personal trainers here:

Q: When’s the right time to start working with a personal trainer?

A: Right Now! If you are new to exercise, a pro or somewhere in between, a trainer can always show you new insights and exercises. Setting goals can only help you get stronger inside and out, so whether you are looking to start at the basics or add a new perspective into the mix to challenge your muscles in a new way, the key is to just start.

Q: How much does personal training at the MCC cost? 

A: Personal training sessions at the MCC start at $30/30-minute session and $55/60-minute session. I’m also excited to share that we’re offering our first personal training session at a lower price of just $30. This includes a consultation with your personal trainer to talk through your goals and what your personalized program could look like and check out our facility. We want to ensure you’re satisfied from the get-go and this first session consultation allows you and us to do just that.

Q: How do I start working with a personal trainer at the MCC?

A: It’s easy! Go online and fill out a request form, or contact me, Brittany.

So now you have all the details, and you’re ready to go. The next step is getting started. Are you up for the challenge? Schedule your first personal training session today!


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