Thursday 30: All-Levels Cycling

Thursday 30 with Sean Robert

Thursday 30: All-Levels Cycling

Thursday 30 is a way for us to support our fitness community! The purpose of these videos is to bring you a variety of workouts from our Group Fitness Instructors, Swim Instructors, and Personal Trainers. We are here for your fitness journey.

Today we’re sharing a 30-minute all-levels cycling workout with Monon Community Center Group Fitness Instructor Sean Robert! You may also know Sean as our Recreation Services Manager Aquatics Operations – which is a fancy way of saying he’s in charge of all indoor aquatics and The Waterpark.

Sean has been riding a bike since he was a toddler when his dad would take him for rides around their neighborhood. That love for bike riding later evolved into a love for cycling. 

About nine years ago he began cycling for fitness. Since then he’s competed in cycling races, started operating a pedicab business, and traveled across the country on his bike. For the past four years, he’s also been a cycling instructor here at the Monon Community Center.

Cycling is great for overall fitness. From a fitness standpoint, cycling is a great cardiovascular workout. As you build your stamina and muscle over time, it can also be a great strength and endurance workout.

Sean’s workout can be done on any of the cycling bikes in the MCC Fitness Center. The workout is all-levels, which means it is easily modified for anyone, from beginners just hopping on the bike to seasoned cyclists. 

Thursday 30 All levels cycling workout


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