Inspiration Close to Home

Marcus Fischer at the Monon Community Center Fitness Center

Inspiration Close to Home

Marcus Fischer was inspired. Inspired by his wife Lindy who was returning home after workouts at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Monon Community Center (MCC) with a determined focus on gaining strength and getting in the best shape of her life. Fischer knew he wasn’t in what he calls “bad shape” but after returning to a workout routine himself at the MCC in early summer 2019, he’s come to realize that he hadn’t even scratched the surface of his potential and he is excited to stay on track. And, he’s grateful for Lindy’s inspiration!

Marcus and Lindy Fischer in the Fitness Center at the Monon Community Center“Lindy has been taking classes and using a personal trainer since we moved back to the area two years ago,” shares Fischer. “She recently started a new hybrid powerlifting program designed by her MCC personal trainer Ryan Mosely and I tagged along with her as support, a spotter and to try a few things myself. I realized in a few short minutes how this hybrid workout routine was something that I couldn’t complete myself at that time. I thought ‘if she can do it, so can I’ but I knew then I wanted to get in better shape and immediately set some goals for myself.”

Fischer ran track in college and was very familiar with the basics of combining cardio training with a strength training workout to maximize his time commitment. He set a personal goal to gain five to seven pounds of lean muscle mass. After just a few months, he says he is beginning to see and feel some success and is motivated to get to the MCC two or three times a week to hop on the elliptical or to work out alongside Lindy to keep the momentum going.

“The MCC offers something for everyone and since we do have small kids that often come with us to the MCC, the Kids Zone is really a huge benefit for us,” Fischer says. “We can go work out, take a class, lift weights, or get on the track and know that the kids are safe and having fun. That lets us focus on our own health goals.”

On days that Fischer doesn’t get to the MCC, he is still committed to his health routine and likes to make it a family affair. He will grab a stroller for his youngest daughter, a bike for his middle daughter and off they go together for his neighborhood run. “I think both Lindy and I want to show our kids a healthy lifestyle by example, and we hope that it will become a natural part of their lives as they grow older as well.”

The Fischers weight lifting at the Monon Community CenterAfter a decade in Chicago and working out at a similar style recreation facility, Fischer says the ease of working out at the MCC is a win-win for him and for his family. Fischer works a busy job in marketing and with three young daughters stays very busy. But Fischer says he’s committed to finding the time to stay healthy and in shape — it is a priority.

“The MCC is close to our Westfield, Indiana home, easy to get to and park, and we can do our own thing exercise-wise or work out together or use the other amenities that the MCC has to offer,” says Fisher. “It really is the best of worlds all under one roof. And, that makes it easy to keep that commitment.”

With a smile on his face, Fischer adds … “Now, I just need to be able to make it through Lindy’s powerlifting workout.”


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