Setting Goals & Keeping Them … Finding Your Fitness “WHY”

MCC member does a stretch with their arm over their head after a group fitness class, working towards their fitness goals.

Follow this psychological-based method to increase your fitness consistency and results.

We often start out the new year determined to be healthier. We might take an exercise class, join a new gym, or go on a diet. But with summer just around the corner, many of us are realizing that our carefully constructed fitness routines didn’t last the winter. 

How can you keep yourself motivated this season? One way to do so is finding your “why.”

Finding Your Fitness “Why”

It’s hard to actually want to exercise. Most of us are tired in the morning and tired at night. We have work, family, and chores to keep track of, and at the end of the day, all we want to do is relax. But your “why” is the reason why you continue to work towards your fitness goals, even when it’s hard! Ask yourself, why is it important for YOU to exercise? Do you work out to:

  • Keep up with your kids/grandkids?
  • Compete in a race or competition?
  • Improve your quality of life?
  • Feel confident in your body?

All the above are emotional and personal reasons to maintain your fitness routines. If all you do is set goals for yourself, but never examine why you’re setting those goals, you’re unlikely to put in the time and effort required to succeed. Look inward. Try journaling about what’s important to you to find your “why,” or making a list of values or beliefs in your life.

MCC group fitness class for seniors, with woman using a stretch band pulled back like an arrow in front of a wall of windows.

Can you come up with 5-10 reasons for maintaining your fitness routine? Tell us about your “whys” to remind yourself of them. Maybe you’ll help someone else find their “why!”

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