Member Spotlight: Stacy F.


Member Spotlight: Stacy F.

How this beach volleyball player uses the MCC to stay fit all year-round! 


One word to describe Stacy? Active! She needs a gym that can keep up with her lifestyle and offer her a variety of fitness options.  

She first joined the Monon Community Center in 2016 because membership was a perk of her job (she officiated our old sand and indoor volleyball leagues!). But once the officiating was over, she stuck around because she’d come to love the facility.  

“The Monon Community Center is the best in every way and for such a great price,” Stacy said. “For me, the class selection is second to none, and all of the amenities (including The Waterpark) are top notch.” 

As a beach volleyball player, Stacy said she needs variety especially when she starts training in the spring. Before she hits the sand court she needs to focus on strength, endurance and cardio. That’s where the MCC comes in. Members have access to 100+ weekly group fitness classes that cover all of those fitness areas. Beyond that, there’s the fitness center, track, gymnasium and indoor pool if she wants to mix up her workouts even further.  

She mostly attends group fitness classes at the MCC (strength, Tabata, HIIT, cycle, Pilates and yoga to name a few). She shared those classes help her reach her general health + fitness goals, but it’s also more than that…it’s about community and accountability. 

“I really enjoy connecting with other members each time I go to the MCC,” Stacy shared. “I’m so appreciative of all the instructors who put so much time and effort into their classes. Their workout plans, energy, encouragement, enthusiasm + even the music are the perfect combination for a great workout. I would rarely push myself as much as I do in a class if I were working out on my own.” 

The MCC makes fitness and community convenient. Everything you need for a great workout is right here in one place. We think Stacy said it best, “If I can just get my body through the front doors and into a class, I know something good will happen!”  

You can get access to all the Monon Community Center with our monthly and annual membership options! Adult memberships include access to all our amenities! No hidden costs, fees or contracts. Just a great price for a great facility. Join today!  


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