A Family’s Journey to Fitness at the Monon Community Center

A Family’s Journey to Fitness at the Monon Community Center

By: Katy Mann

Meet Indy with Kids’ Katy Mann

There was something startling and unsettling about seeing the words “obese pregnancy” on my chart when I was waiting at my obstetrician’s office during my first pregnancy. It took my breath away. I sat there in the soft fabric robe, scanning the chart over and over again to find other details that did indeed confirm this was my chart.

My health status played a huge role throughout my pregnancy – in the early delivery of my baby, prolonged bed rest, and financial disaster that came with being unable to work. And then, I did it four more times over the next six years.

Last September, my husband Jacob and I decided we couldn’t live such unhealthy lives anymore. With the assistance of our family doctor, we embarked upon a journey that led us to lose more than 60 pounds each and re-learn healthful eating patterns and intentionality when it comes to diet and exercise.

Why Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Monon Community Center

Smiling selfieWe chose the Monon Community Center to complement our new lifestyle for a myriad of reasons; the group fitness classes are peppered with variety, the facility is first class, it’s a space where our whole family can join in on the fitness and fun, and because the community within the facility is just that – a community.

I’ve never considered myself fat, or obese, or any of the labels that have been assigned to me, medically or socially. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a happy, confident woman. My activity level has always been high, I’m constantly playing with my kids and going places. Those were not the activities I’d expect of an obese woman. Through group fitness classes and using the cardio and free weight equipment in the Fitness Center, I’m going to be more intentional about the type of movement and strength I build over the next few months.

Kids on slides at the indoor poolOur kids already love the swimming pool inside the Monon Community Center, The Waterpark and KidZone (child care). Getting them all set up to join in the fun of KidZone was very simple and they look forward to returning again and again. They’ve already made new friends with the other children and the staff, which brings me back to loving that the Monon Community Center truly is a place of community.


I can’t wait to share more with you as our family journeys on in 2019 with intentionality in diet and exercise. Stay tuned!


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