Hagan-Burke Trail Closure

May 2, 2018

9/19/18 – Hamilton County Highway’s Lowes Way Bridge project is underway. As a result, the Hagan-Burke Trail is expected to be closed until September.

The project consists of the construction of a new southbound lane on Lowe’s Way allowing traffic from 146th Street to access southbound Keystone Parkway. The project will include two new bridges and a new round-a-bout at the Lowe’s entrance on Lowe’s Way. The Hagan-Burke Trail is expected to be closed until September. 

Project work over the next few weeks includes:

  • The Contractor focused more on the round-a-bout. Contractor continued work for Cool Creek Bridge.

  • Poured curb and ramps at round-a-bout.

  • Contractor continued decking on Cool Creek.

  • Continued MSE wall panel installation.

  • Begin placing steel on the deck at Cool Creek Bridge.

  • Continue MSE Wall panel installation.

  • Working on completion of Round-A-Bout.

Photos of the progress and ongoing status updates can be received from Hamilton County Indiana’s website.

Click here to view and download the detour map for Hagan-Burke Trail.


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