Member Spotlight: Nicole S 

MCC Member Nicole S. on the eliptical in the Oasis at the Monon Community Center.

One Place: The MCC as a Wellness Hub 

Nicole S. was a casual member at the Monon Community Center (MCC) for many years. She and her family moved from Southern California to Carmel in 2015, making them neighbors of the beautiful Central Park campus and all its facilities and features. Monon Community Center member Nicole S. practicing grattitude in yoga at the MCC.

Nicole describes herself as “never really into exercise.” That changed in 2020 when she sought to gain what control she could over her health.

“I ramped up my visits to the MCC during the summer of 2020. I found that taking daily walks on the Monon Greenway from my house to the MCC helped my struggling mental health a lot. I made a point to walk to the MCC every day and spend 30 minutes on the elliptical. It gave me a little bit of control during a time in my life when many things felt out of control.”  

What started as a quarantine coping strategy turned into a healthy lifestyle. 

“It’s just a part of my daily routine now. I do it without thinking and without question – like brushing my teeth!” 

Nicole credits the MCC as one of the main success factors in her mental health journey. 

“The MCC is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit every day because I know that when I walk out of there, I’ll feel better mentally and physically.” 

Outside of her favorite elliptical in the alcove, Nicole has recently expanded her wellness practices at the MCC to include yoga group fitness classes. 

“For the past few months, I’ve been taking yoga classes regularly. It’s my new thing! My favorite yoga instructors are Lynda and Kat because they just exude calming and accepting vibes. I always walk out of their yoga classes feeling much better – mentally, physically, and spiritually. This past month, I’ve taken yoga classes at MCC on more days than I haven’t! I’m hoping that I can keep it up.”

Monon Community Center member Nicole S. posing by the bright window light of the Oasis in the MCC.

Nicole has found her “place” for all things wellness, which also just happens to include a beloved summer favorite for her and her family: The Waterpark. 

“My husband and I had individual memberships for several years, but we upgraded to a family membership two years ago. Our family membership allows my husband, two boys, and I to play at The Waterpark whenever we want, which is one of our favorite spots during the summer! My kids also love the indoor pool during cold months.”  

The Monon Community Center “is an amazing community resource” for all things health and wellness. From group fitness classes to varying fitness spaces and formats, and everything else in between, a membership provides endless opportunities to find your perfect wellness routine. 

You can get access to all the MCC with our monthly and annual membership  options! Adult memberships include access to all our amenities! No hidden costs, fees, or contracts. Just one place for all your wellness needs. Join today!  

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