Jumanah working with a Personal Trainer in the fitness center of the Monon Community Center with our Personal Training Program, working to improve strength and health

Becoming Wonder Woman

Jumanah Alsaffar has a powerful story of transformation.

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Volunteers in our parks working to make a reinvestment in our community and a nature impact by removing invasive plant species in Carmel

Dig in!

Did you know that our soil tells our story?

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Kids smiling in an adaptive program that focuses on listening to the student voice and being a positive and inclusive community partner

Making dreams come true

Creating transformational programming for our community.

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Welcome to Park Conversations

Park Conversations is a  biannual magazine that spotlights the conversations happening throughout Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. We want our members, program participants, and park users to be seen and heard, and Park Conversations does just that.

The impact of parks and recreation can truly be transformative! Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is fortunate to offer something for everyone. We encourage you to explore the science of nature, engage in our adaptive programs, connect with others on the playground, or find a better you through fitness and wellness. 

Keep the conversation going!  Share your own story.

Stories We’re Helping Tell

trees in the fall

A Walk with Nature

Monica Cannaley has participated in the On the Trail to Fitness program every week since 2014! Learn more about the program and what keeps her coming back for more.

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Jumanah smiling

A Journey to Transformation

Jumanah Alsaffar found all the tools she needed for her transformation at the Monon Community Center. Now, this real-life wonder woman is unstoppable.

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Jack and his wife on vacation

Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

Jack Brummett traveled to see world wonders. His journey started at the Monon Community Center.

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Brittany at a Citezen Science Program

Diving into our Soil

Brittany McAdams, our natural resources coordinator, helps the community understand our history and our future through our soil.

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Kids on the playground at Lawrence W Inlow Park

Inlow Park: An Inclusive Community Adventure

Explorers of all abilities will find a unique, hands-on experience at the newly renovated Lawrence W. Inlow Park!

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Michael Sharkey acting on stage

BIG Dreams Become Reality

Michelle Yadon, our inclusion supervisor, has big dreams for our adaptive participants and programming.

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