Think Global, Act Local

CCPR works to create balance in our parks, our backyards and around the world. Learn how you can be part of the movement!

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Breanna in the park

Movement for Every Body

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist teaches programming at the MCC. Get to know Breanna Davis!

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Meadowlark Park

Reimagining Meadowlark Park

Learn how restored wetlands will support native habitats and the local community.

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Welcome to Park Conversations

Park Conversations is a  biannual magazine that spotlights the conversations happening throughout Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. We want our members, program participants, and park users to be seen and heard, and Park Conversations does just that.

The impact of parks and recreation can truly be transformative! Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is fortunate to offer something for everyone. We encourage you to explore the science of nature, engage in our adaptive programs, connect with others on the playground, or find a better you through fitness and wellness. 

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This year we saw our parks rediscovered. When there were few places to venture, people turned to our spaces. Park visitation was higher in Indiana than in our neighboring states, which I believe is a testament to the incredible opportunities available to Hoosiers — especially here in Carmel and Clay Township.

Thanks to our team’s out-of-the-box thinking, we continue to support our community. When the Monon Community Center’s doors closed, we took our fitness virtual. When programs canceled, we created educational videos. When playgrounds closed, we encouraged park users to explore parks in new ways.

In response to this year’s challenges, we continue to make the health, wellness and recreation resources available to our community a priority.

We hope you feel as supported as ever whether you’re joining us as part of your fitness journey, attending a recreation program, or out enjoying our parks. Within the pages of this edition, we share stories of nimble and creative thinking community members who push forward through these challenging times. We hope as you read these stories you find yourself inspired and hopeful.


Michael W. Klitzing, CPRE
Director of Parks and Recreation

Stories We’re Helping Tell

Flora and Fauna

Flora + Fauna

Creating Balance: In our parks, our backyards and around the world. CCPR is making a difference and so can you.

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Breanna jumping in front of the Monon Community Center

Movement for Every Body

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist teaches programming at the MCC. Get to know Breanna Davis!

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People walking in Meadowlark Park

Reimagining Meadowlark Park

On April 1, Meadowlark Park will close as it undergoes construction as part of our Reimagining Parks initiative.

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Mud Pie Anyone?

Nature programs create lifelong naturalists promoting a love of the great outdoors.

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Group Fitness Class

Connecting Community

Virtual fitness classes keep MCC members connected and their fitness on track during COVID-related closure.

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Carey Grove

Reimagining Carey Grove Park

Beloved Carey Grove Park undergoes renovations and enhancements ensuring memorable outdoor fun.

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Lex in an adaptive program

Inclusion at Every Age

Adaptive programming creates a nurturing and safe environment for continuing skill development.

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Volunteer header

Protecting Imperiled Pollinators

Native seed collection through Project Wingspan boosts the monarch and rusty patch bumblebee population.

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Growth through Community

The Monon Community Center offers amenities and a fitness community to call home.

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Teaching Takes a Global Path

Dena Osting has taught all around the globe, but her journey brought her back to where she started — making a difference in her hometown.

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Help our Native Habitats

Make a difference in your own backyard with tips from our Natural Resources team about eradicating invasive species!

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Reimagining Flowing Well Park

With a national park feel right here in Carmel, people are coming from far and wide to visit for the experience.

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The Path to Independence

Over the last decade, Michael + Jessica Sharkey have been on their own path to independence. Adaptive programming at the MCC has helped them along the way.

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Hank and Laura Feature

Growing is Good for You

Take a chance on yourself and see what a difference change can make in your body, mind and spirit.

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Sean Robert riding FlowRider

Growing Up with a Love of Parks

Enjoying the career-advancement ride

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Forward Focus: Growing Parks Through Reimagination

The future looks bright for Carmel

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CCPR volunteer on invasive species removal day

Engaging with the Park System

Volunteering is a way to connect with nature and future generations

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ESE Students on playground after school

The Student Voice Matters

Empowering students to use their voice leads to happiness, fun and learning

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trees in the fall

A Walk with Nature

Monica Cannaley has participated in the On the Trail to Fitness program every week since 2014! Learn more about the program and what keeps her coming back for more.

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Jumanah smiling

A Journey to Transformation

Jumanah Alsaffar found all the tools she needed for her transformation at the Monon Community Center. Now, this real-life wonder woman is unstoppable.

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Jack and his wife on vacation

Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

Jack Brummett traveled to see world wonders. His journey started at the Monon Community Center.

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Brittany at a Citezen Science Program

Diving into our Soil

Brittany McAdams, our natural resources coordinator, helps the community understand our history and our future through our soil.

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Kids on the playground at Lawrence W Inlow Park

Inlow Park: An Inclusive Community Adventure

Explorers of all abilities will find a unique, hands-on experience at the newly renovated Lawrence W. Inlow Park!

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Michael Sharkey acting on stage

BIG Dreams Become Reality

Michelle Yadon, our inclusion supervisor, has big dreams for our adaptive participants and programming.

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